CARACAS, Thursday July 19, 2007 | Update
Venezuelan subscription TV chamber against compulsory joint broadcasting
Thursday July 19, 2007  02:44 PM

The Venezuelan subscription TV association reported Thursday that it would request a meeting with government authorities to voice disagreement with a reform intended to impose compulsory joint broadcasting of President Chávez' addresses to the nation.

Mario Seijas, the chair of the Venezuelan Subscription Television Chamber (Cavetesu), told reporters that the copyright law prevents these TV stations from making any changes on programming.

For this reason, there is no possibility of cutting the programming in order to join compulsory broadcasting, he maintained.

Seijas expects to explain this matter during the meetings requested to the authorities of the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Telecommunications and the National Telecommunications Council (Conatel), Efe reported.

Out of the 150 member channels of the association, almost a half is operated and produced abroad. In addition, "there is no technological way to make them engage in joint broadcasting."


"There is consensus for fuel price adjustment"

HYDROCARBONS A former guerilla member. Irrepressible.  Untamable. A fast-talking, honest man that gets straight to the point. Now, a member of parliament. Always a non-conformist. He claims that there is a majority aware that fuel prices need to be raised. Fernando Soto Rojas, the president of the Standing Committee on Energy and Petroleum of the National Assembly, talks incessantly about an issue of top priority for our country.

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