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Students charged with instigation to hatred

Four students at Simón Bolívar University (USB) who were arrested last July 14 as they were demonstrating to advocate civil rights in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) soccer stadium, during a Copa América tournament match between Mexico and Uruguay, were charged with instigation to hatred, and will have to appear in court on a weekly basis.
The Fourth Crime Control Court, chaired by Nailuz Sánchez, charged brothers Simón, Alejandro, Francisco and Juan Mejías with instigation to hatred, in the form of solicitation to commit a crime, as typified in Article 285, Crime Code.

Mónica Fernández, of non-governmental organization Foro Penal Venezolano, called the judge's move regrettable. She said due process was infringed, as no witness certified that the young men were distributing leaflets in the stadium, as authorities claimed.

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Venezuelan government gives aid to farmers hit by rains

02:57 PM. HEAVY RAINS. Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Elias Jaua reported that the government is designing plans to support farmers, cattlemen and peasants of the state of Mérida who have been hit by heavy rains that have caused crop losses.

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