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Caracas, Thursday May 24 , 2007  
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RCTV: IACHR admits claim against the Venezuelan state

The Inter American Court of Human Rights granted Thursday the charges against the Venezuelan state for human rights abuses.

Alleged violations against workers and journalists with private TV channel Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV), include freedom of expression, individual integrity and legal rights and protection.
According to the information posted on the RCTV website, the Court decision is the preliminary step of international judicial proceedings against the Venezuelan state "for physical and moral assailment, attacks, threats and serious risks, including the impending closure of RCTV, all of which is a pattern of violations to the right of freedom of expression."

The Court advised the state that it should answer to the complaint within the term set by the IACHR Parliament, which term cannot be extended.

Now, the Court will call a public hearing at the courthouse to learn about the allegations and evidence produced by the parties.

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