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Caracas, Friday May 18 , 2007  
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Insulza: RCTV case will be solved by Venezuelan courts

José Miguel Insulza, Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Friday said it is up to the Venezuelan courts to solve a dispute over the renewal by the Venezuelan government of a broadcast license for private television network RCTV.

Insulza in Spain told Efe that "the only problem facing Venezuela, like in many other countries, is the fact that the State is empowered to grant and renew television licenses."

Therefore, he added, "beyond my personal opinion, this issue will be solved legally in Venezuela."

RCTV filed a claim with OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights arguing that President Hugo Chávez' government has refused to renew its broadcast license on political motivations.

In Venezuela "there is an all out political discussion on whether the license expired or not," Insulza added.

"Another issue is whether licenses should be time-bound or not, whether they can be terminated and what are the steps for their issuance."
"Beyond my personal opinion, no country has addressed this issue at the OAS Council, and as far as no country has raised this affair at the OAS or the Iberoamerican General Secretariat (SEGIB) or anywhere else, the international bodies are unlikely to do anything."

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