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Caracas, Friday March 16 , 2007  
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Bolivarian Teachers' Association to propose eradication of private education

Orlando Pérez, head of the Bolivarian Teachers' Association, Thursday in a news conference proposed deleting article 106 of the Venezuelan Constitution providing for private education.

"Since education is a human right, the State cannot delegate private institutions to teach. The State has to take full responsibility for the education process, and this process should be comprehensive, beginning with pregnant women."

Pérez, who is also the vice-president of the Institute for the Prevention and Social Assistance for the Employees of the Ministry of Education and Sports (Ipasme), claimed that decentralization has failed to improve teaching. Therefore, they are proposing greater centralization of education management.

"There is plenty of squander and inefficiency. Mayoralties and Governors' Offices have failed to improve public education. The State should hold full control over teaching, but this calls for a reshuffle in the Ministry of Education," he stressed.

Pérez' association is appearing next March 20th in the Venezuelan Parliament to file their proposals for the organic law on education currently under discussion.

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