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Chávez' special ruling powers matched with Hitler's powers

The Faculty of Political and Juridical Sciences, Central University of Venezuela (UCV), regarded as a "blank check" the Executive ability to rule making "in every ambit" of Venezuelans' lives.

Reference is made to the special ruling powers granted by the National Assembly (AN) to President Hugo Chávez.

During a press conference, Jorge Pabón, the chair of the UCV committee dealing with the constitutional change, claimed that the Enabling Law "takes us back to the times of full power that were changed following the collapse of national socialism in Germany."

Then, he noted, "after World War II, the constitutions precluded laws on full powers, because Hitler built his whole dictatorial movement upon the Parliament delegation of full powers."

Pabón, who was joined by lawyers Manuel Rachadell, Pedro Guevara, Armando Rodríguez, ex Justice José Peña Solís and political expert Juan Carlos Rey, declared that the Enablig Law runs counter to the Constitution.

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