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Fifteen percent surtax on non-priority goods

President Hugo Chávez' Government has started to impose restrictions on the imported goods it deems "luxury" or non-priority items. From now on, an authorization will be required to import a number of products, and such products will be levied with a customs surtax of 15 percent, according to resolutions published in the Official Gazette 38577 dated December 6th.

The Venezuelan ministries of Finance and Light Industries and Commerce published a list comprising more than 200 items subject to the new custom tax, including toilet paper, jewelry, some alcoholic beverages (such as whisky, gin, vodka, sparkling wines, tequila and anisette, among others), cigarettes and tobacco, sailboats, apparel, razors, furniture, and candles, among many others.
The regulation is to be in force during a year and it can be extended. Custom offices started to implement the resolution as of December 6th.

Under another resolution -issued by the Ministry of Light Industries and Commerce- a list of goods and parts used in industrial and agriculture processes, raw materials and inputs produced outside Venezuela was published. Importers will not be asked to apply for a non-national production certificate from the Ministry of Light Industries and Commerce as a pre-requisite to purchase foreign currency from the Exchange Administration Board (Cadivi) to import the products comprised in this second list.

The list of priority goods comprises products and inputs for the drug industry and the textile, industrial and agriculture sectors, among others.

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Venezuelan government gives aid to farmers hit by rains

02:57 PM. HEAVY RAINS. Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Elias Jaua reported that the government is designing plans to support farmers, cattlemen and peasants of the state of Mérida who have been hit by heavy rains that have caused crop losses.

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