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Súmate to itemize funding for opposition primaries

After the National Assembly asked the Attorney General's Office to launch an enquiry into the funds non-governmental organization Súmate is using to conduct the opposition primary election, Súmate leader Alejandro Plaz said on Thursday.

He added the NGO is to offer a news conference to explain the cost of the primaries and their funding.

Plaz told local news TV network Globovisión that for August 13th primary election they are to print five million paper ballots, with some 100,000 people working as witnesses and operators at balloting stations. He added they expect to disclose the results in 24 hours.

Regarding the National Assembly action to request an investigation into Súmate leaders, he claimed that Súmate is not a political party and is not trying to take power.

For Plaz, the National Assembly reaction shows that the Government is afraid of the primaries.

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