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Universities leave audit proposals in CNE hands

In the absence of a formal agreement yet with the board of the National Electoral Council (CNE) on the methodology to audit the register of voters (RE), the experts of major universities resumed talks Friday.

In a joint press release, the presidents of Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB) and Simón Bolívar University (USB) vowed to keep the proposal to audit the database of Venezuelan voters. Checking is in the CNE hands, they argued.

The document explained that the technical team of the universities made two proposals that cannot be merged because they deal with different issues to be verified. The proposals cover the joint initiative of UCV, UCAB and USB and note also the project of six additional universities.

CNE senior director Vicente Díaz claimed that the nine universities that from the very beginning showed interest in taking part in the review appeared Friday at CNE to explore once more time the audit proposals.

The five principal directors held an informal meeting on two occasions. For its part, the Committee of Civilian and Electoral Registration, along with director Díaz, met with the experts of UCV, UCAB and USB.

In the meantime, sources linked with opposition political parties expected to clear the way with the assessment of the final proposal.

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Venezuelan government gives aid to farmers hit by rains

02:57 PM. HEAVY RAINS. Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Elias Jaua reported that the government is designing plans to support farmers, cattlemen and peasants of the state of Mérida who have been hit by heavy rains that have caused crop losses.

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