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Caracas, Friday December 09 , 2005  
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Insulza: OAS report substantiates elections

Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary-General José Miguel Insulza replied to President Hugo Chávez' criticism of the report drafted by the electoral observation mission on the elections for parliament. The paper fully validates the polls, he said.

"In my view, this report, regardless of any criticism, fully validates the election, and this is what it does matter for those who requested the submittal by OAS," Insulza pointed out during a presentation at the Mercosur Summit to clarify President Chávez' remarks.

The OAS report "highlights the quiet environment during the elections as well as proper preparation and organization, and certifies that the National Electoral Council fulfilled all the undertakings done with the observers' mission."

He noted that the preliminary conclusions would be reported to the OAS Permanent Council, and discussed, in addition to President Chávez' remarks, with all the member countries.

Insulza recalled that the Venezuelan government requested the OAS mission and expected that it will be delivered to all participants in the Mercosur Summit.

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