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Caracas, Thursday December 08 , 2005  
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Pro-Chvez deputies file evidence of destabilizing plan

National Assembly chair Nicolas Maduro, a deputy for ruling party MVR, together with a number of fellow lawmakers, Thursday filed evidence on an alleged plan aimed at destabilizing Venezuela with the support of retired and active military officers with coordination and funding from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

According to Maduro, this is a "serious" claim, as it "partly discloses this plan to take violent actions intended to prevent December 4th election" by attacking "institutional, civilian and military" targets and "wreak havoc in the country."

MVR parliamentarian Cilia Flores disclosed a number of tape recordings of phone talks retired army colonel Carlos González Caraballo allegedly had with some unidentified people with a view to plan for destabilizing actions on the election day.

According to Maduro and Flores, the recordings were delivered at the National Assembly Wednesday, but they did not unveil the identity of the sender. They argued that this evidence supports their previous claims regarding attacks such as explosive devices planted in several places nationwide.

She alleged that González Caraballo talked to an active military "to find a way to combine a terror plan with military coups that were to take us to a blood bath on December 4th."
The phone talk recorded and broadcast on television Thursday did not make reference to any of the issues Flores mentioned.

Meanwhile, MVR lawmaker Pedro Carreño explained that the plan against President Hugo Chávez' government a series of escalating moves. First, opposition parties would withdraw from the election, then oil and gas pipelines would be blown up, "and subsequently military headquarters were going to be taken over, specifically three military bases in San Juan de Los Morros (Guárico state), Fuerte Tiuna and La Carlota (in Caracas), as well as some governors' offices."

"Attacks were also planned against top leaders," Carreño added.

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