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Caracas, Wednesday November 09 , 2005  
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Attorney General accused of using Anderson's case to chase dissidents

Attorney General Isaías Rodríguez has turned the investigation into murder of public prosecutor Danilo Anderson into a political issue, and is using the case to chase government opponents, ex Metropolitan council member Carlos Herrera said

"It seems to me that Isaías has turned this case into a political issue and is using it to chase opposition," Herrera told Unión Radio.

Herrera claimed to be worried because authorities have not investigated into an alleged extortion network including deceased Anderson and some public prosecutors who took part in the enquiry. On the contrary, the testimony of an alleged paramilitary is given importance to make serious accusations against the four alleged perpetrators.

"He is an inept, irresponsible attorney," the ex council member added.

In his view, charges against Patricia Poleo, the editor of El Nuevo País daily, and Nelson Mezherane, a shareholder of TV news channel Globovisión, are because these media did not let people forget about the Anderson's case.

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