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Caracas, Wednesday September 14 , 2005  
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Refusal of US visa would be the result of President Chvez' improvisation

Venezuelan ex ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Milos Alcalay thinks that refusal of the US visa to President Hugo Chávez' entourage to attend a UN world summit in New York is due to government mess, DPA reported.

"Improvisation is a big issue in diplomacy, where there is uncertainty about traveling or not, with over 1,200 security agents who do not speak English. This is just a stumbling block for the host country," the diplomat told Union Radio.

President Chávez had claimed that the United States was preventing him from attending the 60th UN General Assembly started Wednesday, by refusing the visa to his military guard and medical team. As a result, he has been considering his participation in the event.

"I will have to walk alone through the Big Apple. Also, the plane was eventually moved to a distant place. Undoubtedly, the US government is trying to prevent us from fulfilling our international commitments," President Chávez argued.

According to Alcalay, the only requirement for heads of state and their company is to "make the request in advance."

In this regard, the US embassy pointed out, "there is need to follow a whole process that has not been completed yet."

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