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Caracas, Tuesday September 13 , 2005  
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Owners of seized ranch call for respect for the law
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The owners of ranch La Marqueseña ensured they have conclusive evidence that seizure of their estate in southwestern Barinas state by the National Lands Institute (INTI) is illegal.

They praised Attorney General Isaías Rodríguez' notice that an enquiry into this issue is to be launched.
Carlos Azpúrua, legal representative of La Marqueseña, said in a press release he concurred with "Attorney General Isaías Rodríguez' standpoint to keep the seizure of our estate -on September 9- strictly in the legal arena."
"In compliance with the Venezuelan laws, it will be shown that the right of property and the right to work as provided under the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, articles 115 and 87, respectively, have been infringed. This is about lands that have been privately owned since 1795, with their original owner being marquis José Ignacio de Pumar."

Meanwhile, Agriculture and Lands Minister Antonio Albarrán claimed that the actions INTI has taken in La Marqueseña are based "on legal grounds, and anyone who purports to be adversely affected may resort to the relevant institutions. According to deeds, this estate is wasteland. Therefore, INTI has precise instructions in this case."

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