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Caracas, Tuesday September 06 , 2005  
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Empresas Polar rejects expropriation of silos
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Empresas Polar legal representative Gustavo Grau filed with the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) a document showing that Remavenca plant -a corn processing facility- located in southwestern Barinas state is fully operational. This site was seized on August 31 by military officers as instructed by the Minister of Agriculture and Lands Antonio Albarrán.

Grau stated that he submitted a report prepared by the Second Public Notary Office in Barinas following an eye inspection in the plant, a certificate issued by the Light Industries and Commerce Ministry, as well as certificates issued by a department of the Agriculture and Lands Ministry. Such pieces of evidence show beyond any doubt that the Remavenca plant that was seized was fully operational "both regarding receipt, storage and conditioning in silos of cereals, namely corn, and the operations of the business office of Alimentos Polar based in this facility."
He claimed that Empresas Polar filed an action with TSJ alleging that the firm's rights to property, economic freedom and due process were infringed.

He underscored that, according to a notice the Agriculture and Lands Ministry published in a local newspaper, this move against Remavenca may be described as an expropriation.

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