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Caracas, Monday August 29 , 2005  
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Chvez administration is to sue Robertson

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said his government is to file an action against Evangelist preacher Pat Robertson who last week suggested the White House to kill or kidnap the Venezuelan ruler.

Further, Chávez claimed he instructed Foreign Affairs Minister Alí Rodríguez and Venezuelan Ambassador to US Bernardo Alvarez to ponder the possibility to request Robertson's extradition to Venezuela.

"Under international agreements, Venezuela could even call for the extradition of this most reverend terrorist," Chávez said late Sunday during the opening ceremony of a meeting of representatives of the Organization of American States who gathered in Caracas to draft the Social Charter of the hemispheric group.

"The world is still waiting for the US government to issue a statement on the terrorist call this man (Robertson) made," he added, warning that "if the US administration does not make the relevant steps, then we will resort to UN, OAS and claim that they (US) are harboring a terrorist who has called for the assassination of a president."
He added, "one of deepest problems facing the continent is the elite ruling US," and said that "the most dangerous crazy people today are in Washington and they could destroy the planet."

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