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Caracas, Monday August 15 , 2005  
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Chávez: Venezuela is not to cut oil supply to US

Ensuring that "the US market is not important" for Venezuela, President Hugo Chávez warned the United States that should aggressions against the Venezuelan government continue, diplomatic relations would be at stake, just like Venezuelan oil supply to US, currently at 1.5 million bpd.

"We do not have reasons to cut oil supply, unless Mr. Danger (as Chávez calls US President George W. Bush) provokes it."

Chávez' statements came before the so-called anti-imperialist court during the 16th World Youth and Students Festival in Caracas.

During a four-hour speech, Chávez slashed out at Bush administration, claiming it "has terrified (humankind). There has never an empire as brutal as the present North American empire."

Chávez announced he is willing to fund the edition of 20 million "anti-imperialist" books to be distributed for free, in order "to try to save the world."

He confirmed he is to visit Cuba next Saturday to attend the graduation ceremony of 400 Venezuelan physicians in Havana. His weekly radio and TV show "Hello, President!" will be broadcast from Cuba next Sunday.

Chávez urged Washington to "release immediately" five Cuban agents accused of espionage.

He also put the responsibility on Bush for anything that may happen to him. "I am warning you. I am accusing the US President, namely George W. Bush, for anything that may happen to me."

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