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Caracas, Monday July 25 , 2005  
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EDITORIAL // Justice kneels down

Subordinating justice to ideology and depriving it of autonomy and effectiveness is like a train running off the rails. The Attorney General Office and courts are increasingly losing legitimacy.
News focus on crime, guerrilla, paramilitary and widespread insecurity. However, the criminal issue should be the central piece, as convictions are in short supply and impunity prevails.
In this connection, human rights NGO Cofavic director analyzed specific modus operandi that shows abnormalities in security corps and justice administration. This is a serious warning because any and all Venezuelans are at high risk.
As stated by Cofavic, a politically biased and ineffective criminal system and lack of a criminal policy to prevent and reduce crime in a scientific, reasonable way, result in growing insecurity.
Criminal justice should be professional and go along with prevention, investigation, interdiction and indictment. Justice affects directly society. For this reason, government remarks and biased statistics result in a feeling of insecurity.
Most guidelines and social control procedures need to be revised. Reasonable anti-poverty efforts with the involvement of all social, economic and political sectors should take absolute priority. It is not an exclusive fight, but of the whole nation.

There is need to work closely with domestic and foreign experts, keep the police decentralization schedule, upgrade local coordination mechanisms and strengthen justice by making it professional, autonomous and objective. This is the citizens' highest desire.

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