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Caracas, Thursday July 14 , 2005  
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CNE will not assure transparent election, says NGO Súmate

Venezuelan civil association Súmate Thursday reiterated its concerns over the lack of guarantee by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to create the appropriate conditions for the August 7th election for councilmen and parish board members to be transparent.

In a press conference, Súmate disclosed a document called "There will not be a transparent vote on August 7th," in which the Venezuelan NGO says the top electoral body would be responsible if Venezuelans cannot elect council and parish board authorities in a transparent way.

"CNE directors have degraded Venezuela's electoral institution by depriving Venezuelan citizens of democracy's fundamental right: the right to popular sovereignty practice," reads the document.

In this connection, Súmate is demanding (that CNE) respect people's vote and guarantee its secrecy.

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