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Caracas, Saturday July 02 , 2005  
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Students reject education bill and murder of classmates
Interior and Justice Minister Jesse Chacón apologyzed to the relatives of the victims and vowed to conduct a thorough investigation of the murder (Photo: Archivo / El Universal)
Students of the Santa María University -where the three men who were killed studied- demonstrated outside the Attorney General's Office and called for justice (Photo: Fernando Sánchez / El Universal)
Students of the Santa María University -where the three men who were killed studied- demonstrated outside the Attorney General's Office and called for justice (Photo: Fernando Sánchez / El Universal)

* Without notice or demand, students of Simón Bolivar University, Metropolitan University and Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB) occupied on June 29 the third floor of the classroom building in UCAB to begin a 36-hour fast in protest about the education bill (PLOE.)
* Student representative to Simón Bolívar University Board of Directors Juansimón Arteaga noted that the move was intended to apprise the domestic university community of the law effects, particularly on higher education.
* Following an "insight" into the instrument, the student delegate underscored positive issues, such as state control and monitoring. However, they "criticized absolutism and state monopoly. Families should be more involved in teaching, and students -the main character- are out."
* For her part, student representative to UCAB University Council Carolina Troncone announced that a committee composed of law students Santiago Fontiveros and Carlos Bacalao are working on an alternative bill to show the student vision about future education in Venezuela.
* Troncone viewed "foggy" issues, such as the "Bolivarian, Robinsonian educational system." Based on this vision, it is not clear whether freedom of thinking set forth in article 102 of the constitution is observed.

* Students at Santa María University in Caracas on June 30 staged a protest to reject the murder of three classmates who were killed late June 27 by Military Intelligence Directorate officers in an event officially described as a misunderstanding.
* Demonstrators gathered at Filas de Mariche and near the entrance of Urbanización Miranda, northeast Caracas, to demand justice and respect for human rights from the Attorney General's Office.

* They announced plans to appear to the Attorney General's Office on July 1.

* Students at other universities in Caracas such as the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) also repudiated the murder of Leonardo González (25), Erick Montenegro (22), and Edgar Quintero (19). Elizabeth Rosales, Daniza Buitriago and Irúa Coromoto Moreno were injured.

* The relatives of Irúa Moreno -one of the victims during the events in low-income development Kennedy in the capital city on June 27- explained that the girl was fired in her neck at point-blank range. Her condition is very delicate.
* Moreno cannot speak. Therefore, she has not been able to testify before Franklin Nieves, the 125th attorney of fundamental rights who has visited Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital twice to record the student's version.
* Irúa was admitted to the unit of Neurosurgery I. The area is constantly guarded. Any visitor should be checked.
* Elizabeth Rosales, another student at Santa María University who was injured in Kennedy, underwent on June 30 a surgery to take out a bullet in her right gluteus. According to her relatives, everything went fine. She was admitted to the Military Hospital.
* Surgeons advised her not to speak, but her mother Angela de Rosales explained that on June 27 at night Elizabeth and her friends arrived in an inspection point and met with "some hooded and heavily armed guys who asked them to stop, but they continued driving because these guys looked like criminals. Further, about 10-15 officials fired at the car."

* Minister of Interior and Justice Jesse Chacón on July 1 announced the removal of a number of police officers directly and indirectly involved in the operations conducted by the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Force (Cicpc) and the Directorate for Military Intelligence (DIM), resulting in three students dead and three injured last June 27.

* Officers removed include Commissioner Miguel Ibarreto, the chief of the Cicpc homicide division. Additionally, the intervention of DIM investigation division and Cicpc homicide and criminal divisions was ordered.

* Chácon promised to act "industriously" to punish for abuse the officials who took part in the operation.

* The police officers allegedly involved in the murder last June 27 of three students of Santa María University were taken again to the 50th Control Court to continue arraignment.
* The car with the 29 officials of the Directorate for Military Intelligence (DIM), Scientific and Criminal Investigation Force (Cicpc) and the Caracas Police departed from the headquarters of the Special Task Force (BEA).
* The Attorney General Office filed charges for accessory to homicide before the fact, failed homicide, undue use of firearms and violation of human rights.

* During the events, three students died and three were injured.

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