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Caracas, Tuesday June 14 , 2005  
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Officers involved in drug trafficker escape

Venezuelan Minister of the Interior and Justice Jesse Chacón Tuesday ensured that it has been proved that drug trafficker and member of Front 16, Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), José María Corredor, also known as "Commander Chepe or Boyaco" was helped to escape from the Directorate for Intelligence, Security, and Prevention (Disip).

Chacón claimed that besides several Disip officers involved in the Boyaco's flight, there is another person unconnected to such body who is being investigated too.

In this regard, he said that the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Force (Cicpc), the National Guard (GN) and the Interpol have launched a nationwide search operation as they think Corredor has not left the country yet. "We hope we may capture him," Chacón added.

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