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Caracas, Monday June 06 , 2005  
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Venezuelan proposal last in OAS agenda

As evidence of lack of interest or even US discomfort, the Venezuelan proposal on the "Inter-American Social Charter" is last in the agenda of the Americas Foreign Ministers, particularly in Number 94.
The Charter proposes a list of social, economic and cultural rights against poverty and in favor of "democracy based on equity and social inclusion," as envisaged by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.
Venezuela managed to work on the Charter during the prior meeting of OAS Foreign Ministers held last year and was to submit to the ongoing General Assembly in Fort Lauderdale a progress report.
"Virtually nothing was done last year," Venezuelan Ambassador to OAS Jorge Valero conceded.
US representatives quietly hampered Valero's requests for a formal work and only last month a meeting was convened to establish a taskforce.

Also, there were troubles to establish the taskforce. US representatives disagreed with Venezuela as chair; then they suggested a rotary chair, and finally accepted Venezuela as the leader.

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