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Ambassador Álvarez said documents are being translated

US requires "solid case" for Posada's extradition request

Posada Carriles (left) is wanted by Venezuela to be prosecuted for charges of "murder in first degree" and "treason" in connection with a Cubana de Aviación plane blasting, where 73 people died (Photo: Archive)


The United States requires "solid" documents to analyze Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles' extradition, after rejecting on Friday Venezuela's first petition to arrest anti-Castro activist with a view to extradition to Caracas, said US Department of State spokesman Richard Boucher.

"Extradition requests are legal documents... to be taken into consideration by courts," explained Boucher, as quoted by AFP.

"(Documents) need to be solid. They must be clearly based on evidence and legal and judicial processes. And that is what we are looking for in this case," he added.

Washington rejected a first request filed by Venezuela claiming that the petition lacked sufficient legal grounds.

Also on Tuesday, Venezuelan ambassador to the United States Bernardo Álvarez explained that the extradition request of anti-Castro activist Luis Posada Carriles is under way. He said that the documentation needed to file a formal extradition petition "is ready and is being translated (into English) at the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry."
"Once translated," he claimed, "it shall be certified at the US embassy to Venezuela, who will then submitt it to the US Department of State."

While some media reported that the Venezuelan government would hand the translated documentation over on Tuesday, Álvarez would not set a date for filing the request. He just said that it would be submitted as soon as possible.

Posada Carriles has been accused of blasting a Cubana de Aviación airplane in 1976.
Posada Carriles, 77, is wanted by the Venezuelan government to be prosecuted for charges of "murder in first degree" and "treason" in connection with the Cuban plane blasting, where 73 people died.

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