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Caracas, Thursday May 26 , 2005  
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"Chávez is a tropical Mussolini"

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is a "tropical Mussolini," renowned Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes said during a public debate held Thursday night at Berlin Cervantes Institute, as reported by international news agency Efe.

"I do not like Hugo Chávez at all. Chávez is a demagogue, a tropical Mussolini," the author said when comparing the Italian dictator with the Venezuelan president.

In his view, President Chávez has ruined his nation and squashed basic rights.

Latin American issues were discussed during the event.

Fuentes, who had his Spanish colleague Juan Goytisolo as co-speaker in a session entitled "The Culture Dialogue," advocated for opening of boundaries and free expression of ideas and beliefs.

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