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Caracas, Tuesday March 15 , 2005  
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Soldier forced to plead guilty, parents claim
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Rafael José Acuña and Jenny Gil, the parents of José Gregorio Gil -the soldier charged with having burned two mates held in a punishment room of a quarter in the eastern city of Cumaná- alleged Tuesday that their son is not guilty.
According to the father, military prosecutor Armando Arbeláez urged his son to sign a paper without reading it.
"They cheated him by saying that nothing was going to happen," the father said.
He maintained that deceased soldiers and his son were friends. "They shared and made jokes," he stated.
On her part, Jenny Gil claimed that they, an aunt and attorney Ronald Henríquez had been threatened with murder.
The Acuñas stressed that they would continue asking for justice. "He (José Gregorio Acuña) is absolutely not guilty. We trust him and will appeal to the highest courts."

They requested an enquiry to find out the causes of the fire and the appointment of an ad-hoc commission excluding army officers.

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