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Alí Rodríguez reports on plot against Chávez' government

The diplomat stated that "there is no one single democratic model," even if universal principles are implemented (Photo: Reuters)

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Alí Rodríguez Wednesday at the Organization of American States warned the international community against a likely plot "to physically liquidate" President Hugo Chávez.

The diplomat ensured that claims that the Venezuelan head of State is a "negative influence" or "destabilizing factor" in the region are a mere prelude for a new attack against Chávez.

During his speech before the OAS Permanent Council, intended to advocate Venezuela's foreign policy, Rodríguez dismissed as "nonsense" a series of claims against the Venezuelan government. He added that under other circumstances such accusations against Chávez' government would not raise any concerns, but "multiple facts have shown that such claims usually come before an attack," just like the coup in April 2002 or the oil strike that halted the country's major industry that same year.

"Therefore, we have to take note of intelligence data pointing out that attempts are being made to liquidate our President, who has been legitimated by the Venezuelan people every time he has faced an election," Rodríguez added.

Regarding Venezuela's foreign policy, Rodríguez  indicated that given the different realities facing each country, "it is a serious mistake" for any country to try to impose "political thoughts, practices and models" on other nations.
He stated that "there is no one single democratic model," even if universal principles are implemented.

He noted that the government of President Hugo Chávez has prioritized fight against poverty. "How can one ever think of a democratic regime pursuant to human rights if 80 percent should face outrageous poverty and its dramatic consequences?" he wondered.

He contended that in the Venezuelan case, the principle of the "government of the people, by the people and for the people" could be enforced only "by granting power unto the poor," as they represent "an overwhelming majority."

Araque explained that the National Constitution included as first condition the participation of that majority "that some soulless individuals who were born in that same land treat with abominable despise by using terms such as vermin or wild hordes."

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