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Caracas, Tuesday January 11 , 2005  
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Peruvian ultra-nationalists reportedly received Venezuelan aid

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and his followers allegedly "granted" US$ 100,000 to the Enocacerista Movement, according to an investigation conducted by the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio into the funding of the group managed by Antauro and Ollanta Humala.

The newspaper pointed out that "the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior views as reliable the information that states that in 2001 Hugo Chávez  had sent to Antaulo Humala Tasso, through a retired army officer, the amount of US$ 100,000 to consolidate the political party."

According to intelligence sources, there were not additional deliveries because Humala  "did not use properly" the money granted.

Based on the investigation conducted by El Comercio, the ultra-nationalist movement usually receives money from foreign parties, particularly from Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.

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