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Caracas, Tuesday December 21 , 2004  
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Maza Zavala: GDP at 14-16 percent ending this year

Venezuelan economy will show a 14-16 percent growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) ending this year -a significant recovery as compared to a 9.2 percent drop in 2003.

Domingo Maza Zavala, one of the seven directors of the Venezuelan Central Bank, told the news agency AP that according to the estimates made by the institution, ending this year, there will be an activation "on the order of 14-16%" of the GDP.

Economy dropped in 2003 by 9.2 percent of the GDP as a result of the two-month strike led by the opposition early that year.

Beginning 2004, there has been a steady growth in production, as compared to the 2003 recession.

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