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Caracas, Monday December 13 , 2004  
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Rangel meets with French Foreign Affairs Secretary

Venezuelan Executive Vice President José Vicente Rangel Monday met with French Foreign Affairs Secretary Renaud Muselier, who stated that his visit to Venezuela is intended to strengthen bilateral links in several fields, including the fight against terrorism.

Muselier referred to French investment in Venezuela, saying that all the big French companies operating abroad have a presence in Venezuela.

According to Muselier, "from 1997 to 2003 French investment in Venezuela has multiplied by 12. We are talking about billions of dollars that have been invested here, and dozens of jobs that have been created by (French) companies. Now, beyond such investments, there are other significant areas such as public transportation, garbage collection, water processing, health, where France undoubtedly ranks first worldwide in technical knowledge," he said.

The officials agreed to hold technical meetings "that are to be attended by the French Ambassador to Venezuela, French businessmen, and Venezuelan officials, to discuss all the topics."

Muselier called his meeting with Rangel "satisfactory and fruitful."

"I have greeted and congratulated Venezuelan Vice President for he is a man who respects democracy. I would also like to seize the opportunity for congratulating the Venezuelan people for the latest events in this country," he added.

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