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Caracas, Wednesday November 24 , 2004  
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Chávez meets with Gaddafi in Tripoli and accepts human right award

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Wednesday met with the leader of the Libyan revolution colonel Moammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, sources at the Venezuelan Embassy in the Libyan capital city told news agency EFE.

Chávez accepted the "Gaddafi Human Right Award," Venezuelan official TV station Venezolana de Televisión said, news agency DPA reported.

Ahmed Ben Bella, former Algerian President, gave Chávez the award to acknowledge the Venezuelan President's "strive for the poor" and his "efforts to fight hunger and poverty."

Chávez dedicated the award to the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and to assassinated prosecutor Danilo Anderson, who was killed on November 18 while he investigated the perpetrators of a short-lived coup that unseated Chávez in April 2002, as well as other key political cases.

Chávez stressed that the "revolution" he is heading is giving the "excluded people" back their right to access health and education through social plans implemented in poor areas in Venezuela.

"We have got into the dark rooms of the poor; we have suffered and cried with the miserable people; we have held them, not to die but to live, to get out of the dark of the rooms that are near hell. That is the reason why the Bolivarian revolution has emerged," Chávez claimed.

Previously, Chávez met with Gaddafi and addressed issues such as "the progress made in African unity projects; the integration of the countries, and the changes that are taking place in Latin America," Venezolana de Televisión informed.

Chávez is scheduled to visit Russia next, to continue with his tour for Europe and Asia.

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