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Haydée Castillo and Antonio López testify on Anderson's murder

Haydée Castillo, a former Senator for opposition Copei party, and her husband, Antonio López, are still held by authorities for questioning in connection with last week's murder of prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

Police corps Tuesday killed Castillo's and López' son, Antonio López Castillo (30), in a shootout. Government authorities claimed later that López Castillo was involved in Anderson's slaying on November 18.

Héctor Castillo, a friend of Haydée Castillo, told reporters that his family has no information on the shootout where his nephew was killed.

Regarding a supposed arsenal authorities found in López Castillo's residence, Héctor Castillo claimed his nephew was "a fan of guns; he had the relevant licenses."

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Venezuelan government gives aid to farmers hit by rains

02:57 PM. HEAVY RAINS. Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Elias Jaua reported that the government is designing plans to support farmers, cattlemen and peasants of the state of Mérida who have been hit by heavy rains that have caused crop losses.