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Caracas, Tuesday November 16 , 2004  
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Jesse Chacón: Security plan has brought crime down to less than 1 per each 10,000 people

A pilot security plan being implemented in the Caracas Metropolitan Area has reduced crime rate to less than 1 per each 10,000 inhabitants of the capital city, said Tuesday Jesse Chacón, the Interior Relations and Justice Minister.

According to Chacón, all the municipalities in the Federal District have recorded a lower crime rate during the last week.

In the Baruta Municipality, the index dropped to 0.79 crimes per 10,000 inhabitants; in Chacao Municipality, 0.98; in Sucre Municipality, 0.52; in Libertador Municipality, 0.96; in El Hatillo Municipality -the only municipality with a crime rate below 1 per 10,000 inhabitants, the index remained unchanged at 0.79.

Chacón added that one of the major obstacles facing the security plan is the lack of police officers. He indicated that other 600 National Guard troopers are to participate in the operation, as well as 10,000 police officers from the Caracas Metropolitan Police Department and other 10,000 officers from the Miranda State Police Corps.

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