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Caracas, Wednesday October 27 , 2004  
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CNE's Mejías asks for sanctions against Chávez

Sobella Mejías, a director of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Wednesday said she is to request sanctions against President Hugo Chávez for violating article 210 of the Organic Law on Vote and Political Participation, under which the government has to refrain from making political campaign.

Under said article, "the ministries, autonomous agencies, state-owned corporations or companies with a determinant government stake and the other branches of the National Government, the state or municipal governments shall not make propaganda influencing the decision of voters."

"This electoral body should not remain silent and be accomplice of an open violation of article 210 of the Organic Law on Vote and Political Participation by the President of the Republic, who has systematically launched a series of loud and aggressive insults against regional rulers who are running for re-election as provided under the law," she said.

She added that said violations have taken place "without the majority of the board of directors (of the CNE) making any remarks in this sense. They have become accomplices of this violation against the law."

"The President of the Republic should set the example before Venezuelans and not to subdue the Electoral Power as, according to the law, it is an autonomous and independent power," she added.

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