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Caracas, Wednesday September 08 , 2004  
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Alvarez: the conditions are met to challenge the presidential recall vote

Lawyer Tulio Alvarez submitted a preliminary report with elements that would allegedly prove an electoral fraud in the August 15 presidential recall referendum.

"A qualitative, continuous, selective and mass fraud was committed in the manual and automatic processes," Alvarez said.

The committee that investigated the fraud suggested the representatives of the opposition to contest the recall vote results "because the conditions are met to do so," as well as to challenge the Electoral Registry and object the balloting automatic system designed and managed by SBC Consortium or any of its subsidiaries.

They also unveiled that according to a report submitted by national telecommunication company Cantv to the National Electoral Council there is "evidence of two-way communication between the balloting machines and the counting center during the day of the recall referendum." The machines were not supposed to communicate with the counting center during the process but at the end of it.

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