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Caracas, Wednesday July 28 , 2004  
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Venezuelan government pays Piquetero leader for campaigning

The leader of the Piquetero group of unemployed workers of Argentina, Luis D'Elía, admitted Wednesday to have traveled to Venezuela to participate in the electoral campaign of President Hugo Chávez for the August 15 revoking referendum, "with all expenses paid by the Bolivarian government," the news agency DPA reported.

D'Elía, who is known to favor Argentina's President Néstor Kirchner, was in Venezuela for several days to remark the Venezuelan opposition's support to the "U.S. interests in the region."

The Argentine labor leader visited Venezuela shortly after leading the seizure of a police station in Buenos Aires to protest for the murder of a Piquetero, an event that awoke a general rejection in the society and jeopardized the dialogue with the Kirchner administration.

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