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Caracas, Tuesday June 22 , 2004  
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Arrieche declares himself in disobedience

A few hours after the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) approved his dismissal in a ruling that ratified a decision of the National Assembly, Magistrate Franklin Arrieche, president of the Cassation Chamber and first Vice President of the TSJ, declared himself in civil disobedience and announced that he will remain in office.

"Under the law, I have not resigned, I have not been dismissed in accordance with the Constitution and my tenure is not recallable, that is, I can lawfully remain in my post," said Arrieche, who described the decision as a political revenge.

The magistrate also said that Venezuela "is experiencing a constitutional breaking point," which is why he is disowning his dismissal, the new Law of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice and the authority of the National Assembly to fire him.

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